A piper for your Memorial Service or Funeral

A funeral or memorial is a stressful and sorrowful event.  Friends and Family don’t want to scour the internet or yellow pages looking for a piper.    I expect that as one of their trusted advisers, you would be one of the ones to whom they turn in order to identify a piper that will enhance the funeral or memorial.

Let me assist you.  Make me your go-to guy for piping.  If you already have a go-to guy, let me be your backstop for those times when your go-to guy isn’t available.

I am a skilled bagpiper with experience piping at many funerals, in churches, in funeral home chapels and at the graveside.  My quality performance will result in the friends and family being able to honor the memory of the departed.

Discover for yourself the quality of my performance.  Allow my recordings to be the proof you need that I am a capable piper.  Examine my photo gallery to see that I cut a sharp figure in my kilt and tunic.  Once you have satisfied yourself that I am worthy of your trust and patronage, contact me!

Schedule a Performance

Schedule a Performance

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phone 587-600-0013

You can book and purchase a performance here!