For the Wedding Planner

I understand how you work to ensure everything comes off without a hitch on the wedding day.  I know how your reputation is affected by how smooth the entire event runs.I would like to put myself forward as part or all of the music for the ceremony.  I am an experienced piper, having performed at many weddings.  I am able to stay out of the way until needed, so that I don’t become one of your challenges on the day.  Allow me to assist you in fulfilling the Bride and Grooms wants, helping to provide the Bride and Groom the best wedding experience possible.  I enjoy playing the pipes for performances, and I am deeply satisfied when I see the joy others are experiencing from my performance.

I want to be your go to guy when you think bagpipes.  I am available for both/either of the wedding ceremony and the reception as desired.  As well, I can be available for the wedding rehersal for a small fee.

The bagpipes have an incredible emotional impact.  At a wedding the enhanced emotions lead to joy.  What more can we ask for than a Bride that is ecstatic with the services we have provided.  Adding a piper will increase your customer satisfaction.  Bagpipe music is no longer only Scottish folk music, and pipers are now playing at weddings where you would not expect them.  By the time you recieve this I will have performed at a Sikh wedding.

You will no longer have to spend time searching for a piper by adding me to your rolodex.

I will be dressed in Highland Regalia, sporting a blue tunic, kilt, sporan, socks, flashes and ghillie brogues.  I can be available for pictures at the ceremony or reception.

I understand that the biggest risk for you in hiring me is that I am not currently known to you.  This can be partially alleviated by listening to the tunes I’ve recorded.  There are many examples on this site.

Once you have listened to them and you are impressed, I am happy to discuss further the services I can provide for you.

Because of my flexibility and adaptability I can act as a backstop for other music sources.  For example, I was booked for a wedding a few years ago where I was to play the procession and recession.  Upon arriving at the church on the wedding day, I was confronted with a very stressed bride as the CD of wedding music wasn’t working.  After a brief consultation she was much relieved as I was able to fill in the music for the entire rest of the wedding.

So how much does this cost?  My pricing involves 2 components.  If the performance is outside of Airdrie there will be a transportation cost.  I charge $175 dollars for up to the first hour on site on the wedding day, and $30 per half hour in addition.  For the wedding rehearsal, the transportation charge also applies, as does a $50 dollar fee.   Fees are negotiated before the event and therefore you will be on budget and the only surprises shall be pleasant ones on account of the piping.  I ask for payment on the day.

Before the ceremony we will discuss when I am to pipe.  For example, I can pipe when the guests are arriving, pipe in the bridal party, pipe the recessional, pipe at the reception  receiving line, as well as pipe in the head table.  We will determine if there are any specific tunes the Bride and Groom want to have played, and if they are solely “must be played” or if  they must be played at a certain time.  With sufficient lead time, I can learn tunes on demand.  On the day, I will arrive 30 minutes before i am expected to start playing, as I will be warming up and tuning up.  I will check in with you then.


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