Celtic Folk

Celtic Folk Performance

Recorded live at the Celtic Folk gathering 27 Nov 2010 on a Samsung ES27 camera. Apologies for the recording missing the first 15 seconds of the tune.

At this performance, Kevin played four sets of music. The sets included the following tunes:

  1. Green Hills of Tyrol (The Scottish Soldier)
  2. Bonnie Woods and Braes
  3. Jock Wilson’s Ball
  4. Old Rigged Ship
  5. My Love’s But a Lass Yet
  6. The Skye Boat Song (The audience sang along to this one)

An Irish friend of mine told me that the Kilt and Bagpipes were given to the Scottish by the Irish. As a joke, that the Scottish haven’t caught on to yet. Joke’s on him.

Set Two

  1. Jig
  2. The Mist Covered Mountains (Audience sang along to this one too)
  3. Clumsy Lover

Set Three

  1. Paddy’s Leather Breeches
  2. Glasgow City Police Pipers

Set Four

  1. Mason’s Apron