Learn how to play the Bagpipes in Airdrie Alberta

Impress your friends; Annoy your neighbours!

Do you wish to learn to play the bagpipes?

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the bagpipes?  Now you can!

There is no minimum or maximum age to learn.  I started at 10.  I know of one piper who started learning the bagpipes at four years of age.  Being able to focus on learning and practicing for periods of twenty to thirty minutes at a time is critical, not your age.

While I strive to make the lessons fun, a desire to learn and improve as well as a minimal amount of seriousness is required to enable the student to learn the material and progress in the skill of playing the bagpipes.

The average bagpipe student takes about two years to progress to a “perform in public” stage. I have had a few very motivated students perform in as short as six weeks.

Contact me via phone at 587-600-0013 or email at bagpipes@ksfraser.com to arrange your lessons.


This could be you some day (78th Fraser Highlanders from Toronto):


You will have a minimum of one face to face lesson per week, and each lesson is a minimum of thirty minutes (you pay by the lesson).  I will also expect you to practice at home for a minimum of 20 minutes a day at least 3 days a week.  As with any skill, it takes frequent practice to progress.

You will need your own practice chanter for the first lesson. You can purchase one at any Scottish Shop including the Fraser Highland Shoppe (I own it).  I recommend a plastic practice chanter with full size holes and spacings.

I will provide you with the music and other instructional materials as you progress.

After the first few lessons, you will get to blow my pipes.  Please note that my pipes has a large bag on it, so if you are of a smaller stature you may have some difficulty at first with my pipes.

Availability and Locations

Your lessons may be either at my home in Airdrie Alberta, or for an additional fee I will travel to your home or other location (such as Cochrane, Crossfield, Strathmore, Calgary, Olds, Canmore, Banff).  Group lesson rates will apply if there are more than 3 people wanting/willing to take a lesson as a group.

Available Daytime, Evenings and Weekends

Learning Resources

See the Lessons pages for lesson one through four under the menu learn-how-to-play-the-bagpipes-in-airdrie-alberta  and then learn-how-to-play-the-great-highland-bagpipes.  Once you are a student, you will also be provided access to a private Wiki with more lesson notes,  theory, sheet music, mp3 recordings as well as videos.

About Kevin Fraser

Kevin is an experienced and accomplished player, having 25 years experience playing the bagpipes and drums. Kevin has 20 years experience teaching the bagpipes and drums to adults and teens.  Kevin was the chief instructor for the Airdrie Army Cadets’ Pipe Band for their 2010-2011 training year.

Kevin has performed at Weddings, Funerals, Birthday Parties and civic functions. Kevin has piped the head table into multiple banquets and formal dinners. Kevin has performed at many military ceremonies and mess dinners.

Kevin has won medals in competition, and was the Pipe Major at RRMC.


Email Kevin Fraser or follow him on Facebook or his Facebook Piping page.

phone 587-600-0013