How not to buy a set of Bagpipes

On the following link, Matt  unboxes a set of bagpipes he purchased off of Amazon for $150USD.  Out of the box, they aren’t worth playing.  He promised a 2nd video to see if they could be made play-worthy. Note: he intentionally purchased this set to compare against professionally made pipes.

Over the last few years I’ve had a number of students who had purchased a set of pipes online from either E-Bay, Amazon, or even “a store in Scotland” who then come to me for lessons.  I’ve been in those stores on the Royal Mile; They are selling “budget” pipes almost identical to those in the video.

The short form of the story is, only purchase professional pipes if you playing the bagpipes is more than a passing fad.  Purchase from a manufacturer who is involved in the Piping scene.  There are a couple dozen names.  Off of the top of my head some of the big ones would be (in alphabetical order) Dunbar, Hardie, Henderson, McCallum, Naill, Shepherd (my apologies to any I missed).