Bagpipe and Pipeband related videos

Here are some additional videos that I rather enjoy!

Piping Hot (summer piping school) Braveheart theme and Walking the Plank

Another Piping Hot performance. RMMPB out of Vancouver.

SFUPB (Vancouver) winning the Worlds Championship in 2008

The Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland playing at the Edinburgh Tattoo. They play the Basil style of drumming, upon which the modern Pipe Band drumming (due to Alex Duthart) took inspiration from. Not only do they play, they perform a drill routine while playing to a higher standard than most Military units do drill without also playing.  Here is The Top Secret Drum Corps playing at the Basil Switzerland Tattoo.

Here is a video of Jack Lee piping in a cathedral in Maui ’06.

Here is a video of a teenager playing Crazy Train on his pipes.

SFU once again playing the Blue Cloud in Glasgow.  This is at a live performance, where they use this as their closing tune.  Highland dancers also come out to  dance.  SFU once again, but this time at the 2010 Olympics.  This is part 2 of 5.

The Massed Band (Pipes and Drums) at the Edinburgh Tattoo in 2010.  Opening tunes is Green Hills, Mist Covered Mountains, Blue bells of Scotland and more.

78th Fraser Highlanders from Toronto placed 10th at the 2010 Worlds Championships.

Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band at Belfast 2010.

Also at Belfast 2010 is Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia