Performance Booking Form

To book a performance, please fill out the contact form below.  In addition, you may purchase the performance online here, as well as any mileage fees as required.

    Contract Details

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    On Site Details

    Payment Details

    A deposit of $100 is due upon booking the performance to hold the date and time. This deposit is refundable until 1 week before the performance. I will add the contract into my calendar upon receiving this deposit.

    The fees for Mileage (if any) is due the day before the performance. I will check with the Contract Contact the day before to ensure the performance is still going ahead as planned. At this time this fee is due.

    The balance of the contract is due upon my checking in at the performance site.

    I will check in with the Onsite Contact. It is essential that the onsite contact will have their cell phone on them and checking/answering it. For this reason I suggest the onsite contact NOT be a bride/groom/made of honor/groomsman for a wedding. I request that the onsite contact provide the outstanding payment (if any) when I check in.