Saturnalia 2014 Recording

Season’s Greetings.  This is the page for the Christmas 2014 Recording (CD).  Once the CDs have been distributed to the pre-orders, the tunes that haven’t been pre-released will be linked here.The MP3s below are initial versions from this album.  They have had a bit of further processing on the CD.

Tune list

(Play button is on the far left of the media bar, left of the time indicator)

Steam Train to Mallaig

Auld Hoose, Rowan Tree, Flett from Flotta

Birkhill Hornpipe, Wexford Hornpipe

His Father’s Lament

Steamboat, Bonnie Dundee

Mairi’s Wedding, Barren Rocks of Aden

Jingle Bells

Oh Christmas Tree

Wander My Friends

Atholl Highlanders, Pibroch of Donald Dhu

Captain Norman Orr Ewing, Jenny’s Bawbee, My Love is but a Lass Yet

The Highland Fling

Morrison’s Lament

Braemar Gathering, Donald Maclean of Lewis

Brown Haired Maiden, High Road to Gairloch, Highland Laddie

The Drunken Piper, Orange and Blue, Jock Wilson’s Ball

Echo Lake, Rocking the Baby

She Moves through the Fair