Learn how to play the Great Highland Bagpipes

Do you wish to learn to play the bagpipes or drums?

Learning to play the bagpipes or drums

Musical ability is composed of being able to handle some simple math concepts (counting, simple addition, some minor division and multiplication) and an ambiguous concept “feel”. The feeling in music is what converts a mathematically correct sequence of notes into music.

While feel can’t be taught, it can be learned. I will assist you in discovering feel.

While I strive to make the lessons fun, a desire and a minimal amount of seriousness is required to enable the student to learn the material.

The average bagpipe student takes about two years to progress to a “perform in public” stage. I have had a few very motivated students perform in as short as six weeks.


Lessons will consist of a minimum of one thirty minute period of instruction a week. You will also be expected to spend at least twenty minutes a day practicing.  As with any skill, it takes frequent practice to progress.

You will be required to have their own practice instruments before the first lesson. For the bagpipes this is a practice chanter. For the drums this is pipe band sticks and a drum pad.  These may be purchased at any Scottish Shop either in Calgary or online.

I will provide music and other instructional materials as required.

Learning Resources

Here is a video of the scale on a practice chanter, taught in the traditional manner (low notes to high notes).  I teach high hand to low hand, and will explain why during your first lesson.

Material that will be covered in the lessons:

Lesson Four


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