Learn how to fix and repair your bagpipes

You have just discovered to your horror that your pipes are in no shape to be played. Normally that wouldn’t be the end of the world, but your Grandmother is in town visiting. Since you promised to perform for her on your pipes, you are now in a bit of a bind. It really is too bad that you don’t know how to maintain your bagpipes.

Now, you can break your word to your Grandmother and disappoint her. Doubly so since she will have not only your broken word but also she will not get you hear you perform. What should you do?

You do the only thing you can do. You call up your piping instructor, and beg an emergency lesson. But this lesson will be in bagpipe repair. Your instructor tells you he only has 30 minutes available, so you hope that everything can be fixed in that time.

Prevent this situation. Learn how to perform regular maintenance on your bagpipes, as well as how to fix and repair the pipes for when regular maintenance just won’t do. I will instruct you on:

  1. How to hemp your pipes
  2. How to tie in a new bag
  3. How to season a bag
  4. How to clean the stocks, drones and other wood work
  5. How to tie on a leather blowstick valve
  6. How to put on or take off the bag cover
  7. How to tie on the drone cords
  8. How to perform minor adjustments to the hemp of your tuning slides
  9. How to clean the insides of the pipe chanter
  10. and much more…


As a complimentary bonus, you will be shown what tools and parts should be included in any piper’s pipe box. Hurry to receive the complete package. Act now! 

As an additional bonus, if you need some alterations or other sewing done for your kilt, tunic or other highland clothing, the Fraser Highland Shoppe can help you out!


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