Lessons over the Internet now available

Bagpipe Lessons over the Internet

With the Social Distancing recommendations, it is extremely difficult to have an in-person lesson.  Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue.

All you require for a lesson is Zoom installed on a computer or cell phone or tablet, and a practice chanter!  My store the Fraser Highland Shoppe can help with the chanter if you don’t have one already!

The FEEL of different tune types

Feel of different tune types

Also see https://thesession.org/discussions/33221

  • Strathspeys (4/4) are jumping dances. Extremely pointed.
  • Reels (2/2 or Cut Time) sound like “Alligator, alligator” or “Salt and pepper, salt and pepper.” Reels are “skipping” dances (up and down a line, or around in circles, etc)
  • Jigs (6/8) sound like “Edible elephant, edible elephant.” Also See Playing Style
  • Hornpipes (2/4) sound like “humpty, dumpty, humpty, dumpy.” –OR– “I don’t know, I don’t know”
    • Bagpipe Hornpipes over emphasize the holds and cuts, so the feel has changed!
  • Slip jigs (9/8) sound like “artichoke, pineapple, Mexico.”
  • Slow Aires are not played strictly to time.
  • Complex Time Marches (6/8, 9/8, 12/8 Marches) have a waltz (1-2-3) feel to them though the 2 is usually closer to the 3 but sometimes the 1. The 1 and 3 though are almost always in place.