The FEEL of different tune types

Feel of different tune types

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  • Strathspeys (4/4) are jumping dances. Extremely pointed.
  • Reels (2/2 or Cut Time) sound like “Alligator, alligator” or “Salt and pepper, salt and pepper.” Reels are “skipping” dances (up and down a line, or around in circles, etc)
  • Jigs (6/8) sound like “Edible elephant, edible elephant.” Also See Playing Style
  • Hornpipes (2/4) sound like “humpty, dumpty, humpty, dumpy.” –OR– “I don’t know, I don’t know”
    • Bagpipe Hornpipes over emphasize the holds and cuts, so the feel has changed!
  • Slip jigs (9/8) sound like “artichoke, pineapple, Mexico.”
  • Slow Aires are not played strictly to time.
  • Complex Time Marches (6/8, 9/8, 12/8 Marches) have a waltz (1-2-3) feel to them though the 2 is usually closer to the 3 but sometimes the 1. The 1 and 3 though are almost always in place.