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Mixolydian Scale

mixolydian scale The Bagpipes has a range of nine notes, low G to high A. The bagpipe scale is tuned close to but not exactly on the “concert bb” scale. The traditional (western) scale is tone-tone-semitone-tone-tone-tone-semitone, with the octave divided almost evenly into 12 parts. The Bagpipe scale is an octave (fairly) evenly divided into […]

The Musical Alphabet

The Musical Alphabet Each pitch is named. There are 8 notes in an octave, after which the names repeat. The musical alphabet is notes with the following names: A B C D E F G When we get further into theory talking about Scales, Sharps and Flats, we will also talk about Enharmonic notes (ones that have multiple names).

How We Learn

When experiencing something, our mind puts the experience, knowledge, etc into short term memory. If we process something three times, the memory becomes stronger. The next time we sleep, those memories are then moved into long term memory. The more often we process something, the stronger the memory becomes. If we process something similar but […]