Whats new in August 2019

After a busy July working around the house, I’ve had a few hours to go through the website and update many of the pages. There was some major cleanup needed as I had migrated my website hosting from one provider to another.

I have also started putting my individual lesson material online here as products you can purchase. This is still in the experimental stage, but my initial experiments were working, so I will continue.

My pipe band the Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums has performed a few parades and we have 2 left on our schedule. We have started working on the tunes we will play for our Robbie Burns night in January or February (date TBD). New members always welcome!

My wife and I are attending the Airdrie Farmer’s Market this summer. We will be at the next 7 (August and most of September) on Wednesdays. I have my Fraser Highland Shoppe and Marcia has Marcia Fraser’s Custom Travel as vendors. I also take my pipes along and play a tune from time to time throughout the day. Stop in and say Hi!