Evolution of Bagpipe Sound

The History of Bagpipe Sound

Something to note is that the technical quality of current recordings is much higher than in the past.  
Some of this is due to technology such as computers rather than vinyl.
  • The pitch of tuning was lower in the past
  • Each note has different harmonics
  • The D was a bit sharp. Even today, top players will be a shade sharp on the D. You will never hear a flat D.

Bags were solely leather pipe bags, reeds were only cane, chanters were hand carved.

Now we have synthetic bags, synthetic reeds, machined chanters.

Also, with modern zipper bags with moisture control systems, there can be less moisture differences on the reeds today.

Plastic chanters came out in the 70’s.


Years ago the pipe band tunes were very quick compared to today.

Todays bands seem to be more about the expression of the tunes.