Repairing a cracked and leaking stock

Have you found that your pipes are taking a lot of air to play?  Can you feel the blast of air leaking out of a stock?  Fortunately, these are relatively simple to repair. Assuming you have identified the one that is leaking:

  1. Take your stock stoppers (aka corks) and stop all stocks except your blowstick and the leaking stock.
  2. Find the exact location of the crack or hole in the stock.
  3. Take some wood glue and on the inside of the stock along the crack or hole, place a bead of the glue.
  4. Stop off the stock, and blow up the bag until it is full. The air pressure will push the glue into the crack.
  5. Let sit. Let the glue dry.
  6. Unstop everything, reassemble your pipes, and play.

It is important to use wood glue and not school glue. School glue goes soft again when wet, so won’t do the trick the next time you play. The wood glue will seal the crack/hole once it has dried.


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