Performances Terms and Conditions

COVID 19 update – performances will have limitations.  Lessons will be online only for the near future!

These are the terms and conditions for booking a Bagpipe performance from me.

Ways to contact me:

ITAD Service Number (IP Telephony Administrative Domain (i.e. VoIP) )  21654*1711

Tel: +1-587-600-0013

cell/sms: 587-830-1654


Payment and Invoices

I accept Cash, interac (e-mail transfers) and credit cards for payment. Credit Card payments shall have a 3% admin fee added as it will be processed through the Fraser Highland Shoppe.

Invoices are available upon request.

Hold the date deposits are 50% refundable up to 1 week before the event. They are due upon booking the performance.

Travel deposits are due the day before travel occurs.

Payment of the balance is due upon my checking in with your onsite contact.


The standard performance will last up to 60 minutes of performing or on-call (ready to perform) time. Additional time is available in 30 minute blocks.

I will arrival on site at least 30 minutes in advanced so that I may check in, warm up and tune up.

I will require a place to warm up and tune up. Ideally this is out of sight and hearing of your guests.

I will require an on-site contact who will have a cell phone on them so that I may reach them to check in and/or report issues or challenges.

There will be a travel charge (one way distance) to the performance site. If there is travel between multiple sites, the rates will be adjusted. This rate is subject to change depending on gas price fluctuations.

Rates (2020)

The following rates are effective for 2020.


  • $175 for a performance up to 60 minutes in length.
  • $30 for each additional 30 minute block of time.
  • $1.50 per kilometer (one way) between my home and the performance site.
  • $100 hold the date deposit is due upon booking.
  • Travel deposit due the day before travel is to occur (typically day of performance) for distances greater than 50km (one way).

Booking the Performance

I create a calendar entry for the performance or lessons. I will add your email address into the list of invitees. This way you will have an entry in your calendar as well. You may optionally accept the invite. I believe in this case you will receive the reminder emails/pop-ups. Rejecting an invite does NOT constitute notice that you are cancelling the event. My calendar auto-processes the reject but doesn’t advise me of it. Because you are only an attendee, the reject doesn’t cancel the calendar entry.

A hold the date deposit is due upon booking the performance. As I block new and cancel/reschedule student lessons during booked performances only 50% of the deposit is refundable, up to a week before the event.

To book the event I will need the following details:

  • Name of event (in case the location has multiple events going on)
  • Name and cell number of on site contact who will have a cell phone on them that they WILL answer. Bride/Groom/Maid of Honor/Best Man is typically NOT a good choice due to their being busy as the moment approaches.
  • Address of event. If it isn’t a building within a city, further details may be required.
  • Is this an indoor or outdoor event?
    • If indoor, please ensure there is sufficient space for me to perform/march as appropriate. Also note bagpipes are LOUD (100db) in small rooms.
    • If outdoor, is there an inclement weather plan? Cold and/or wet weather is not good for neither the bagpipes nor piper! Extreme heat also needs to be planned for.
  • Date and Time of event
  • Is this being booked as a surprise for someone? (This affects how/when/where I warm up. I can do some of the warm up at home before hand, but the tuneup does need to be just before the ceremony.)
  • I will also summarize any tunes that you have requested, and if I already know those tunes.  I will do my best to learn tunes on request , but not everything (e.g. Rock/Country) translates well to the Pipes.

Day of the event

I will check in with the contact the morning of the event to confirm everything is on track.  I will confirm the address/location of the event, the availability of a warm-up spot and performance spot.

I will arrive 30 minutes in advance of my performance time. I will check in with your on-site contact. Payment is due at this time.

I will warm up and tune up (unless we’ve made other arrangements due to surprise etc.)

I will be at the performance spot as directed by your on-site contact at the appointed time.