Piping for Highland Dancing tune list

Having just piped for some highland dancers at a Robbie Burns night, and having to go searching various places to remember which tunes were used for the dancing, I thought it would be useful to list them here as well.

  • The fling – Marquis of Huntley Highland Fling
  • Sword Dance – Ghillie Callum
  • Pas de Bas – first part of Ghillie Callum
  • Sean Tribhus – Whistle O’ the Lave
  • Gay Gordons – Gay Gordons (though a set of strathspeys can also be used)
  • Highland Laddie – Highland Laddie
  • Lilt – Battle of the Somme

The tunes for some of the other dances I didn’t pipe for that night include:

  • Sailor’s Hornpipe – Crossing the Minch
  • Irish Jig – Paddy’s Leather Breeches
  • Strathspey and Reel – Loudon’s Bonny Woods and Braes & Jock Wilsons Ball
  • Johnnie –
  • Broadsword – Set of strathspeys