Reeds falling into a bag seasoned with SilSeal

            <h1>Reeds and SilSeal do not mix!</h1>

This is a heads up, do your utmost best to not let drone reeds fall into your leather bag that is seasoned with SilSeal.  SilSeal is a great sealing agent.  It works so well it also seals your reed’s tongue so that it will not vibrate.  Nothing worse than having the reed fall out just as you are warming up for a performance 🙁

How do you fixing the SilSeal’ed reed?

Unfortunately, it will take a bit of time and effort.  First step is to wipe off all of the excess SilSeal. If you’ve been playing a lot recently, this could be a fair amount as the moisture in your breath (ok, spit really) will soften the SilSeal turning it into a nice goop.

Next, let the reed and the remaining SilSeal dry out.  Out of the bag, in either your pipe case or even better sitting on a counter on a paper towel.

Next, see if the tongue will vibrate.  Chances are it is stuck to the reed.  You may need to pry it open.  You may even need to sand the tongue/groove a tiny bit.  If so, use very very fine sand paper.  You want it nice and smooth.  A rough sand paper will leave burrs, gouges, etc.

Now see if it vibrates.  If not, see my pages on reed maintenance.