The Recording of Wander My Friends

Bear McCreary wrote the tune <em><strong>Wander My Friends</strong></em> in the celtic style for the show BattleStar Gallactica.  You can see a recording of an <a title="Wander My Friends on Youtube" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">orchestra playing it</a> on youtube.

Unfortunately the Highland Bagpipes does not have the range to play the tune as composed, so I had to make a few minor changes (4 notes) to fit in.

To record Wander My Friends, I had:

  • 6 Audio tracks of Bagpipes (only 5 made the mix down).
  • 5 Percussion tracks (only 3 made the mix down).

If time permits I intend to eventually add guitars, keyboard, orchestral instruments etc.  But this will be a longer term project.

And the result is: