Spring is in the air. Time for Spring Cleaning (Bagpipe Maintenance)

            As Spring is now trying it's best to be here, it is a good time to do bagpipe maintenance so that we can enjoy piping outdoors.

I am looking at holding the class on either April 25th, 26th, May 16th or May 17th.  If on a Saturday, the class would be from 1 until 4.  If on the Sunday, it would be from noon until 2:30 (band practice will start a bit late).  The cost would be $50 a participant.

Topics I intend to cover:
*Checking the bag for air tightness.
*Bag seasoning
*blowstick valves
*hemping of joints
*Adjusting Chanter reeds
*Adjusting drone reeds
*Tuning the chanter to itself
*retying a stock (as required)
*discuss water traps/cannisters

If you are interested in attending the class, please contact me at bagpipes@ksfraser.com indicating your order of preference for the dates listed above.