Time for a Spring Cleaning on the pipes

            Now that the birds are chirping outside, Spring is on its way.  And that means its time for a spring cleaning, bagpipe style.

It is now time to do that maintenance that has been put off.

  1. Check all hemp and replace any that is not 100%
  2. Check the air tightness of the bag.  Season as required.  Replace the bag if there are holes.
  3. Check the air efficiency of the reeds
  4. Break in a new pipe chanter reed if you don’t have a spare ready to go (I don’t, and my current one is at the end of its life.  I’m going to break in 2).
  5. Make sure all parts are in good order.  Reglue on the metal fittings that have fallen off, take some silvo to the tarnished ones.
  6. Run some bore-oil through the bores.
  7. Check the blowstick valve.

Stay tuned for a date when I will hold a drop-in class on bagpipe maintenance!